Consensual sex memo

Formal Grievance, Appeal, and Disciplinary Processes—Grievance, appeal, or disciplinary processes may be pursued as applicable. Examples of situations where confidentiality cannot be maintained include circumstances when the University is required by law to disclose information such as in response to legal process and when disclosure is required by the University's outweighing interest in protecting the rights of others. Failure to comply with these recusal and notification requirements is a violation of this policy, and therefore grounds for discipline. The individuals referenced in this section are available to discuss these options and differing methods for dealing with sexual harassment. The University has the option to take any action necessary to insure compliance with the spirit of this recusal policy, including transferring either or both employees in order to minimize disruption of the work group. In general, see Administrative Guide Memo 2.

Consensual sex memo

Failure to comply with these recusal and notification requirements is a violation of this policy, and therefore grounds for discipline. Some of the victims were just 11 years old and specialist child abuse lawyer Dino Nocivelli said: The Director's Office also provides advice and consultation to individuals when requested; receives complaints and coordinates their handling; supervises the other Advisers; encourages and assists prevention education for students, faculty and staff; keeps records showing the disposition of complaints; and generally coordinates matters arising under this policy. As stated above, individuals with concerns about sexual harassment may also discuss their concerns informally with psychological counselors for example through CAPS or the HELP Center , chaplains through the Memorial Chapel , or the University ombudsperson. Up to 1, children could have suffered during the campaign of abuse in Telford. Other processes, such as a mediated discussion among the parties or with a supervisor, may also be explored in appropriate cases. For example, It may be conduct toward an individual of the opposite sex or the same sex. Sexual Harassment Advisers http: Generally, the process consists of the individual's submission of a written statement, a process of fact-finding or investigation by a University representative, followed by a decision and, in some cases, the possibility of one or more appeals, usually to Stanford administrative officers at higher levels. Mr Nocivelli, of the firm Bolt Burdon Kemp, said: No identifying information will be retained in cases where the individual accused was not informed that there was a complaint. Procedural Matters Investigations—If significant facts are contested, an investigation may be undertaken. Where such a relationship exists, the person in the position of greater authority or power will bear the primary burden of accountability, and must ensure that he or she—and this is particularly important for teachers—does not exercise any supervisory or evaluative function over the other person in the relationship. Where such recusal is required, the recusing party must also notify his or her supervisor, department chair or dean, so that such chair, dean or supervisor can exercise his or her responsibility to evaluate the adequacy of the alternative supervisory or evaluative arrangements to be put in place. Often there is a desire that a consultation be confidential or "off the record. Respect for Each Other—Stanford University strives to provide a place of work and study free of sexual harassment, intimidation or exploitation. Note that anonymous inquiries can be made to the SHPO by phone during business hours. The rape hell of vulnerable young girls in the Midland town went on for a shocking 40 years, the investigation revealed. Policy Review and Evaluation—This policy went into effect on October 6, , and was amended on November 30, , and on May 30, Vigorous discussion and debate are fundamental to the University, and this policy is not intended to stifle teaching methods or freedom of expression generally, nor will it be permitted to do so. There is usually at least one Adviser assigned to each of the schools at the University and to each large work unit; most of the residence deans also have been appointed as Sexual Harassment Advisers. Because of the potential for conflict of interest, exploitation, favoritism, and bias, such relationships may undermine the real or perceived integrity of the supervision and evaluation provided, and the trust inherent particularly in the teacher-student context. Sexual Harassment Policy Office—telephone: The University therefore very strongly discourages such relationships. A brochure containing the policy, a list of current sexual harassment advisers, confidential resources, and other helpful information is available online at the Sexual Harassment Policy Office web site, and in printed form from the Sexual Harassment Policy Office at Mariposa House, Capistrano Way, Room , Stanford University, Stanford, CA, ; ; email: Furthermore, circumstances may change, and conduct that was previously welcome may become unwelcome.

Consensual sex memo

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  1. Any designated Sexual Harassment Adviser or resource person listed in 3. In addition to the internal resources described above, individuals may pursue complaints directly with the government agencies that deal with unlawful harassment and discrimination claims, e.

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