Eviction of sex workers in bangladesh

Only last year at Faridpur, a similar incident happened where women working in such an establishment had to flee, leaving their possessions behind. If we look into the contemporary literature of that period, it is evident that sex workers did not simply exchange sexual favors for money or other material gains, but their primary role was to provide entertainment in the form of classical music and dance to the elite groups of society. It is an extreme challenge to reintegrate the sex workers due to the religious and cultural context of Bangladesh. They prefer to stay in brothel and continue in being a pimp or a sex worker because they have no other place to go. This will also lead to solving the issues of underage girls forced into the trade, women and children trafficking, underage pregnancy, unsafe abortions, and sexually transmitted diseases.

Eviction of sex workers in bangladesh

It not only creates confusion but also has made a mock of womankind and misleads us from the crime to victim shaming. At the other, a number of rights activists propound that prostitution should be made legal to address the undeniable socio-economic demands and reality. Joya Sikder, president of Sex Workers Network, told Al Jazeera that these forced removals are nothing new, noting that the brothels in Nimtali and Tanbazar of Narayanganj were similarly attacked in Today, amid the rubble of some cabins on an area one-third of an acre stands one tiny dilapidated brick structure left out as a proven private property. Some have taken to walking the streets. This predicament needs to be handled with specific and sustainable socio-legal measures, keeping their human rights in prime consideration. Some people have already submitted these documents. Once brothels feature counselling on health, medication, education, and other relevant issues, a brothel-based sex worker can have an improved life—surely much better than being streetwalkers. Chanda added that forces of the administration were still hounding the women. If you have laws, there will be stringent requirements. The brothel residents were not prepared for what happened next. Under Section 5 i , the trafficking of a woman for the purpose of prostitution: Yet not one of them has been included in the registration of voter ID cards for the upcoming elections. But none of them wanted the sex workers to be driven out of their homes," Sikder said. Despite being voters or the voting citizens, they are deprived of every rights like other citizens. Analyzing the legal perspective of sex trade in Bangladesh The stigmatized women in sex trade find it extremely difficult to access their human and fundamental rights as there are no specific provisions about the legality of prostitution in our constitution and laws. The Baijis were Muslim and catered to the needs of the kings and Mughal emperors. The British colonial rule introduced the subculture of sex workers in brothels and prostitution flourished around the port cities first as well as around Dhaka and Khulna in Bangladesh. Others reportedly have also migrated to adjacent areas such as Daulatdia, Jamalpur and Mymensingh brothels. I came to Magura brothel 12 years ago because there was no food at home. It is strange that Muslim Bengalis of the East Pakistan were believed not to be the true Muslims by the West Pakistanis but they were in the control to run the brothels who were in charge of the state agencies such as municipalities, courts, and police though the state was apparently based on Islamic ideologies. These contradictions of law, negligence, and violence by such law enforcement authority have led to a systemic violation of fundamental rights. In September , the district court ordered against the eviction of the women or any attempt to disrupt their profession without a proper rehabilitation package, said Shaheena Akhter Daily, the lawyer for the sex workers. They prefer to stay in brothel and continue in being a pimp or a sex worker because they have no other place to go. Legal protection, right to life, dignity and equality, these words seem myth to them.

Eviction of sex workers in bangladesh

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A Sex Worker Tells Her Tale (Extra Scene from 'Sex Slaves of Bangladesh')

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  1. These contradictions of law, negligence, and violence by such law enforcement authority have led to a systemic violation of fundamental rights. But another aspect of penetration in this trade came to our notion first, when a number of poor women and young girls were forced to enter prostitution after our Liberation War of

  2. Child prostitution exists in all the countries, irrespective of their level of economic development; the problem is observed in its severity in Asia and South America. But Bangladesh being a Muslim-majority country is an exception to it because there is a secular state power and so the religious factor has been diluted by other cultural influences, the regulations sanctioning prostitution and other criminal offenses connected thereto have lost part of the severity of repression specific to Islamic law.

  3. This mistake has meant that the tendrils of the sex trade have become omnipresent in cities like Dhaka, Chittagong, Narayanganj, Rajshahi, not to mention smaller towns, villages and rural outposts. For this reason, they used to enjoy a high social status back then.

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