Free sex positions with illustraion

Sitting in a sturdy chair where both of your feet can touch the floor, have her straddle you facing toward each other and let her lower herself on top of you. What this position does, essentially, is make your penis feel twice as big as it actually is, and all she has to do is cross her legs. This position is pretty unique because it involves very little eye contact, and places your heads pretty far away from each other, and your body position is such that you can't really use your hands to fondle her in any way. Amp it up another level with the Upside-Down Scissoring Carlee Ranger To be honest, aside from the awesomeness of the name, you might find this one a bit challenging.

Free sex positions with illustraion

So what are your options when it comes to blowjobs , cunnilingus and 69ing? All illustrations by Carlee Ranger. You can also get quite handsy and reach around the play with her nipples or even reach down and add extra stimulation to her clitoris from the front, and it also works great as an anal option. The female partner sits on top of her partner and puts in the work. What you're doing here is targeting the clitoris for more direct rubbing and friction. She does the same, keeping her legs inside yours. So if you and your lover are driving down the highway and you're bored as sin, and get understandable horny, you can't well have a roll on the interstate. So of course this list has to include a section for all the weird, wild wet and wacky positions that simply don't fit anywhere else. It's a fact that the majority of women need some kind of clitoral stimulation in order to reach orgasm. This is one of the less standard positions, but great to have in your arsenal. This also takes your standard Missionary and Coital Alignment Technique positions a step further, letting you stimulate her most sensitive area without much additional effort. The pressure you're putting on her muscles can also create a tightness in her pelvis, leading to an increased tighter feel for you. Her legs can either be wrapped around his hips, her feet can be flat on the floor or she can have her knees bent up to her breasts. Keep safety in mind and let her down gently as soon as your strength starts to wane, and make sure you don't pull out too much. Zen Sex Carlee Ranger Some people want lustful, intense, passionate sex Emily Morse — if you're ready to take things up a notch or two. This position not only accesses the G-spot and the A-spot to create squirting orgasms but it's also comfortable for the female partner after switching into several positions. As long as you're both getting off in a position you enjoy doing, everyone wins, right? Try blindfolding her and then taking her in the Cowboy. If you've written off the idea of trying out a cock ring because you don't need extra help lasting, it's time to revisit the benefits of using one. To get into this, you sit down facing your partner, and wrap your legs around her. She can be completely upright, in which case you'll want either a wall, or a tree, or a similarly vertical object for her to lean against. Have your partner lie flat on the table this also works with any roughly waist-high platform and have her butt pushed right up to the edge, or even overhanging a tiny bit. This variation, which is not for beginners, also requires some specific hardware, as you'll need a chin-up bar or some sort of equivalent bar for the top person to hang from. This position requires little work on her behalf, but feels amazing because her legs are placed closely together which creates a tighter entry for him and increased sensation for her.

Free sex positions with illustraion

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7 Sex Positions You Should Master

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  1. The leaning forward actually lets you get a somewhat deeper feel, and the difficulty quotient will make you feel all the more accomplished for pulling it off.

  2. As long as you're both getting off in a position you enjoy doing, everyone wins, right? Are you looking to try something a little bit outside the box, to cross a few more things off your bucket list, to mix in some furniture or to add some serious spice to the relationship?

  3. And in case you haven't gotten to know your partner well enough to find out what she's allergic to, this formula is completely organic, chemical and paraben free — which means you'll be in the clear. But if you're looking for a great lubricant perfect for any position you're trying out, this water-based formula takes just about any position to the next level.

  4. If you want to make eye contact and get a view of her from the front, doing this in front of a mirror could turn up the heat a little bit. It's a fact that the majority of women need some kind of clitoral stimulation in order to reach orgasm.

  5. To get into this, you sit down facing your partner, and wrap your legs around her. As with all such kneeling positions, this one is going to seriously test your leg muscles and how cramp-proof you are, but the effort is always worth it.

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