Lesbian dressing room sex

I looked up toward the saleswoman. I buttoned the dressed halfway, and she openly watched me. I looked at her and saw her hips bucking and shaking, coming up off her stool. She looked up at me, but her expression didn't change. Touch me, touch me," Jeannie said. She took her other hand and circled her clit again as she fucked herself with the fingers of her other hand. I faced the mirror and buttoned the dress the rest of the way up the front. I knew I liked it when she watched us, but had no idea how much of a turn on it would be to watch her. The saleswoman stopped playing with her clit and moved her fingers down and into her pussy.

Lesbian dressing room sex

Her moan was guttural. I looked at myself in the dress and Jeannie arrived, looking exhausted. I rubbed my own clit faster and harder now. I licked, over her panties, down the length of her pussy, down her wet slit and back up, bypassing her clit and licking her outer lips through her panties. Touch me, touch me," Jeannie said. Jeannie grinded into my face. I was surprised Jeannie was into it again, but when I looked at her face I saw her glazed eyes glued to the saleswoman's cunt. She rocked her hips and let out a low sigh. She put it on the stool, then took off her button-down shirt and conservative pants. I looked in the mirror, and the saleswoman was watching us. I moved my tongue to directly on her clit and continued to rub the sides with my fingers. She rode my face, and I put two fingers inside her from the side of her panties and she came again, her hips rocking, her pussy in spasms. The way the saleswoman, with her refined and restrained demeanor, watches but doesn't mention anything is so hot to us. She breathed heavily, the cleavage of the dress straining against her. I kissed and nibbled and licked her body, her flat stomach, the sides of her waist. The saleswoman licked her lips. We make out, touch, and have quiet intense orgasms while the saleswoman stands at her desk. I kissed Jeannie's chest, took my hand from her pussy, and pulled down the top of the dress to expose her nipples. She looked up at me and smiled. Her lips were swollen, reaching out beyond the sides of her panties, wet. When I looked at her face I saw her looking out the door. She lifted her skirt shamelessly and looked me in the eye. Rarely, if ever, are there any other people there. I couldn't stop though. I moved my tongue to the very bottom of her pussy, on a soft wet spot. A loud moan from Jeannie. She had her hand up her professional skirt, her mouth was slightly open, and she was looking at us.

Lesbian dressing room sex

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  1. I looked up at the saleswoman and thought she was moving herself slightly against the desk.

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