Lutheran and sex

The bishop chosen for the task force was one of the few known to be sympathetic to reconsidering church teaching on sexuality, and a de facto quota for homosexuals was created and filled. Synods began to pass resolutions advocating minor parts of the gay agenda. Though it is hard to believe, they were astonished and shaken by the extent of the backlash. This is also because some couples may choose to be married by an officer of the court. This needs to be talked about in confirmation classes and youth groups.

Lutheran and sex

Promiscuity is inconsistent with our identity as Christians 1 Cor. But utopianism found its way to the ELCA too, in a task force on human sexuality. They negotiate with each other. That is largely what the ELCA task force did. Sexual practices that result in physical harm to another are sinful and must be countered. Callers to local pastors expressed deep worry and concern whether they could remain in the ELCA. Though the story highlighted the most controversial sections of the document, it was accurate and made plain that some ELCA bishops had already expressed serious reservations. Bishops bewailed the possible impact on giving; October is the heart of budget season. In Reformation theology justification is not a mere negation of human works but is itself utterly dependent on the classical dogmas of the Trinity and the incarnation-for it is per Christum. All of these apply to pornography just as well. As close as they got was to remind the denomination that after all it was only a first draft. Guilty pietists were eager to accommodate, not least among them an aging white male leadership that had never recovered its confidence after the earthquakes of the sixties. With such a sobering topic as sexual sin, we must remain positive. Who needs moral purity when you can have such tolerance and understanding? The person in the best position to stop the process was an advocate. Lutheran identity counts, and that identity for most Lutherans still includes clear doctrinal and ethical content. Your sex organs are very good. In the Commission for Church in Society now after a reshuffling merged with the Division for Social Ministry Organization into the Division for church in Society the program worked to perfection. Third, some leaders feel that it is not their job to talk in detail about sexual topics. It is a sign to be exercised by hard faithfulness, by the proclamation of real grace to real sinners, not the redefinition of sin or any other humanly concocted good work. And Lutherans sometimes have tried too hard to prove that they are not the immigrant quietists they are rumored to be. The Presbyterian report starts and ends blaming everything on the feminist bugbear of patriarchy-that most useful theory of a grand universal conspiracy of all men against all women. Does that justify our actions or make them OK since it was a natural desire? A shared world and worldview bound them together on many ethical and dogmatic questions that now increasingly separate Protestant and Catholic thinking-the ecumenical movement notwithstanding and not much helping. Almost any talk would be better than no talk.

Lutheran and sex

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  1. Young people are not assisted when the church gives them the same advice they could get from Planned Parenthood.

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