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I was drooling at the sight of her young tight ass going up the steps in front of me and reached out and cupped one of her ass cheeks in my hand as we climbed the stairs. She had nice firm 36 B cup breasts and a beautiful face. Kristen said she had never had anyone that took as much time making her feel good with their mouth. Kristen was just too gorgeous, hot, and good in bed to last any longer. I had a perfect view of their deck from my second story spare bedroom window and have to admit I jacked off several times while staring at Kristen. I responded by deep French kissing her while feeling that gorgeous ass with one hand and her lovely tits with the other. I had on a pair of elastic waist gym shorts with just a liner and no underwear so the outline of my now flaccid cock was easily seen.

Mom great sex with neighbors wife free movies

Her beautiful golden tan skin glistened with the water and her wet blond hair made her look just like a swim suit model. My cock got rock hard and I couldn't help pulling down my gym shorts and stroking my seven and a half inch cock to within seconds of coming. Kristen laughed and said "I'll be sure to take care of him real special! During this time, Karen's daughter blossomed into a gorgeous young woman. I hope her husband is good in bed and I know first hand he is one lucky guy. I was drooling at the sight of her young tight ass going up the steps in front of me and reached out and cupped one of her ass cheeks in my hand as we climbed the stairs. We were both now totally naked and I knew I would soon be pounding her hot very wet pussy. She said "Mom is going to love this". The blow job went on for about five minutes and knew I couldn't last much longer so I laid Kristen back on the bed with her ass cheeks just on the edge of the mattress. While kneeling her tight gym shorts strained against her crotch and went straight up the crack of her ass outlining her tight butt cheeks beautifully. After the movie we fucked like crazy until we both fell asleep. As we talked I couldn't help thinking what a threesome with Kristen and Karen would be like and it wasn't long until I started to get hard again. She began sucking it and stroking my cock and balls with her beautifully manicured red fingernails and gently scratching my balls with her long nails. We decided to go out for dinner and rented a movie to bring back. Her young pert tits with their pointy nipples were absolutely gorgeous. We awoke in the morning and spent the morning in bed. She had put her hair up in a large clip but looked even sexier with the down to earth look. I find that my left middle finger in a girl's ass as I work on her pussy will usually help put them over the top. When Karen and I met, Kristen was a gangly 15 year old with braces more interested in talking on the phone to her friends and playing soccer than anything else. She is fairly attractive with a decent figure and shoulder length dirty blond hair but trying to work, raise a teenage daughter, and make ends meet did not leave her a lot of free time for the gym. Kristen explained she was on the pill and I could come inside her all I wanted to. I played with her clit and fingered her and alternated between kissing her lips and kissing her nipples. Kristen graduated from college and moved away when she got a job. She came back in a few minutes with a pair of tight gym shorts and a baggy tee shirt on over her bathing suit top. I suggested she call her Mom and OK it with her and I would happily do it. She was almost screaming "Oh God" repeatedly as I pumped her as hard as anyone I've ever fucked. I laughed and said "Believe me, I want to"!

Mom great sex with neighbors wife free movies

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  1. Of course I said yes and watched while Kristen fixed a couple of sandwiches and drinks. Little did she know just how Kristen and I would take care of each other.

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