Nicki minaj having sex with a girl

I almost believed the fantasy that Nicki Minaj was a friend. Her fourth studio album, Queen, just dropped and the event was a chance to dive into her lyrical abilities on the album and her past work. It may be the fact that Blackness is already a type of spectacle—be it on the auction block to the corner to a stadium stage—and the visibility Black folks experience is already unnatural and intersecting that with celebrity creates spectacular messes both privately and publicly. This somehow feels especially true for Black artists. And, I believe, she did too. The saddest part about Nicki Minaj, or untamed celebrity in general, is you must relinquish the warmth of being a part of something bigger than yourself and interior growth for delusions of grandeur. We experienced the deterioration of greats like Nina Simone and Etta James in real time. They are still humans that are connected to this Earth with history and trauma. This is not the behavior we anticipate from our celebrities.

Nicki minaj having sex with a girl

On what planet are those women unaware of their worth? This seems like no honest way to live. The room felt safe. You are in an erratic and irrational position in society. The relentless attacks of the fanatic towards folks that dissent against the artist is not about the artist. They are still humans that are connected to this Earth with history and trauma. Which is why her recurring slut-shaming comments are counterproductive towards that effort. The closest you get to the superstar is through a stadium or social media posts. So, why do we, the black community keep expecting our art forms and our artists to be respected by mainstream institutions? As people are transformed into superstars, a huge part of sustaining the fantasy becomes distance. I almost believed the fantasy that Nicki Minaj was a friend. Earlier this Summer, we all had our eyes on Kanye West speculating was his behavior going to conclude in self-harm. She takes it on because she gives a shit about her fan base and uplifting girls and women. For all intents and purposes, Nicki Minaj is at least sex worker adjacent. She was loud, erratic, animated, and seemingly hostile. Fetish-y, bondage-y, nasty looks. That is not friendship. It is about the fanatic. It may be easy to think once you are person experiencing celebrity that you are at least being protected by those that support you, defend you publicly, and give you their money, but this is not true. This adds to the mythology of their celebrity. Whitney Houston, Michael Jackson, and Prince have all been lost to drug overdose. This serves the celebrity in two ways: She wants her fans to feel like family and her fans want her to know, desperately, that she is family. On one hand, I have a lot of respect for how seriously Nicki Minaj takes her responsibility as a black woman role model for so many black girls around the world. It became less about just seeing a superstar rapper in an intimate environment, and more about seeing the superstar at the height of the most controversial and scandalous moment of her career. And who TF is Nicki Minaj to decide?

Nicki minaj having sex with a girl

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  1. I appreciate the concern, sib, but maybe work on that internalized misogyny bit first. On what planet are those women unaware of their worth?

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