Oral sex tip for him

Give Him A Hand Using your hands is a powerful blow job technique while giving your man oral sex. Have tissues on hand to either spit into or mop up any spillage. Simply take the first inch or two of his penis into your mouth and then wrap one hand around his shaft. If you find yourself gagging often then try using your hands as well - see oral sex tip 2! Lick, Lick, Lick It Licking his penis is a powerful blow job technique for beginning your blow job. A powerful technique is gently taking one of his balls into your mouth and then softly lick and suck on it. While doing this, you can take his penis in and out of your mouth, allowing you to pleasure it entirely.

Oral sex tip for him

Just make sure he withdraws in time. Ejaculation - improving the taste Some foods and drinks do have an effect on the taste of your guys load. What is oral sex blow job? Simply take the first inch or two of his penis into your mouth and then wrap one hand around his shaft. To give the Latin name, fellatio , aka blow job , is an oral sex act which involves stimulating the penis using the tongue, lips and mouth. Giving good head isn't rocket science, but there are some top tips, tried and tested, that will help make your next blow job one to remember. While performing a blow job you can add chocolate body paint, squirty cream or ice cream then spend time licking and sucking it off, or try a flavoured lubricant - Durex do a good selection. The female equivalent is the clitoris. Sucking on it will cause your lips and the inside of you mouth to press softly against his shaft and the head of his cock, stimulating the length of it. Try not to worry about this. Tonguing these areas, up and down or in a circular motion is an awesome way to stimulate them. Temperature play can be fun, so try taking a mouthful of warm tea, swill it around your mouth and swallow then take your man's penis into your mouth for 20 seconds and suck. A simple trick to blow job success is to use your hand and your mouth together - which will feel good for any size of penis. Allowing your hands to take over while you give your mouth a rest means that your man gets to receive unbroken pleasure. You can alternate direction and speed to add some variety, but this blissful blow job technique alone is enough to give him a thrilling blow job from start to finish. All added together he'll be totally under your control - a total turn on for you too! The slight spasming of your throat thanks to your gag reflex will make it more enjoyable and stimulating for your man, along with the fact that the rest of your mouth and tongue will be stimulating the shaft of his dick. Try gently very gently! Ejaculation When he starts to come, there's the question of whether to swallow or not. Taking him deeper and deeper into your mouth runs the risk of triggering your gag reflex[ 5 ]. You can even try doing this for your entire blow job until he comes. Some women think that to vary things, they need an endless list of blow job techniques and different things they can do with their mouth or tongue or lips to provide different sensations to their man. The next time you are giving your man a blow job, try backing off a bit and spend a minute or two doing something else entirely like: You wish it would come faster, but the entire slow, drawn out process is still incredibly enjoyable. So you can kiss them, lick them and even suck them. Otherwise let him come in your mouth and then spit it out.

Oral sex tip for him

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