Same sex marriage and ethics

How should the true church react? If you accept these biblical statements on marriage, then you can ignore Sections 2 and 3. Clearly, if this were not so, the homosexual community would be able to claim 'discrimination' if a state says marriage does not apply to gay couples. Whatever our views on the ethics of surrogacy itself , we prohibit payment of surrogates since it borders on selling babies or children, which is prohibited because, like slavery, in making children into a commodity, it disrespects the children involved and children, in general. Moral confusion reigns when they are broken! Same-sex marriage advocates have dropped that nomenclature to speak of "marriage equality," which rightly makes us think of fairness and the treasured Aussie value of "a fair go. Seriously, try suing the Catholic Church for not hosting an Islamic wedding and see how that goes — straight or gay, this will not end well for you. Of course on paper the case for gay marriage is really quite simple: It is a set of rules of conduct recognised by a particular people group or culture.

Same sex marriage and ethics

If you believe that the Bible speaks against same-sex marriage, see biblical ethics If you believe that the Bible is accepting of same-sex marriage, see liberal ethics If you reject the Bible and regard same-sex marriage as an equality issue, see no ethics Same-Sex Marriage around the World Image Wikimedia Commons The concept of 'gay marriage' as opposed to gay partnerships is hotly contested in America, Britain and Australia. And who are we to argue with Hermione, hmm? If we believe that children, including those who will be gay as adults, have a right to a mother and a father, preferably their own biological parents, and, if at all possible, to be reared by them, then we cannot support same-sex marriage because it abolishes this right. Where does it end? You must decide If you reject the notion of God and ignore the Bible, then you probably welcome same-sex marriage as a progression towards the noble goals of equality, non-discrimination and fairness. Feel free to bellow this at the next person you hear make this stupid, stupid argument — I certainly plan to. In Australia at least the Australian Christian Association has been the leading voice in opposition to the gay marriage movement, on the basis that homosexuality is a sin within Christianity and should be opposed as an evil influence upon society. Referring to the future 'holy city' in the new earth, God says: Such immorality within the church is to be condemned by the church 1 Cor 5. Marriage is also for close friendship or companionship and mutual help Gen 2. According to the Bible there are spiritual laws or moral absolutes which should not be ignored! Bad enough that something you consider a mortal evil be made legal; surely this will open up the door to the gays demanding to be married in churches like us god-fearing folk! Since it was still between one man and one woman in Jesus' time, the concept is time and culturally independent! But what about equality and fairness to children in same-sex marriages, as compared with children in opposite-sex ones, with regard to having both a mother and a father, preferably their own biological parents, and access to all their siblings and wider biological family? So, you know, case closed on that one. Many more countries are in the process of legalising same-sex marriage and public opinion is gradually moving in favour of it e. Seriously, try suing the Catholic Church for not hosting an Islamic wedding and see how that goes — straight or gay, this will not end well for you. That concept also protects religions from the state interfering with their worship or their private property. Whatever a cultural group approves of is deemed right, and whatever the group disapproves of is wrong. For example, in the UK Government claimed that its rather dubious online consultation on gay marriage was 'the biggest listening exercise ever', but the Government ignored the Coalition for Marriage C4M national petition of some , signatories! Why not legalize polygamy? Got a speeding fine? The liberal and politically correct church as in Rev 3. If this happens, would prohibiting creating babies between two married men or two married women also be a breach of their right to found a family? And the answer to that is, Yes!

Same sex marriage and ethics

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Same Sex Marriage and Christian Ethics

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  1. Ethics comes from the Greek word 'ethos', meaning 'what ought to be', and the noun 'ethic' refers to a system of moral standards or principles. How could homosexuality be natural in humans?

  2. Where does it end? People, including same-sex couples, sometimes use reproductive technologies, rather than adopting, because it matters for them - but in so doing, they deny it to the resulting children with respect to one of their biological parents.

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