Sex dar iran

At that time I realized that how it is difficult to train sexual issue! But nowadays, this phenomenon is happening as an undeniable fact in the community. Rather, the emerging challenges are manageable in some extent. The principal maybe open-minded and want to speak about such issues but she fears. Despite clear reasons for necessity of sexual health education for adolescents, it is a contested issue and has faced challenges in most cultures.

Sex dar iran

Without preparation for their sexual lives, adolescents are vulnerable to serious threats such as sexual abuse, coercion, HIV and other sexually transmitted infections, pregnancy and unsafe abortion. However, the spread of AIDS epidemic was such that the media were forced to use the policy of clear expression of transmission ways and emphasis on protected sex. Considering that this inference is correct, it can be concluded that SHE is not forbidden in Islam, rather, it is conditional. The film is a mirror. Discussion This study revealed some overarching socio-cultural challenges to SHE for adolescent girls in Iran. For maintaining maximum variation, schools were selected from various socio-economic localities introduced by education organization. One of the limitations of this study was including only in-school adolescent girls in high-school grade; Conducting a study in which both genders participate, can increase comprehensiveness of the study, and probably lead to interesting results showing the diverse views of community about providing SHE for boys in comparison to girls. Both the health authorities and adolescents believed that this denial will repeat the experiences of AIDS in Iran. Contrary to our thought, the results were similar in two cities. Also, establishment of a proper language by a specialized team can be helpful. Commonality of cross-gender friendship and pre- marital sex among young people is one of the most obvious changes. This finding is important because despite numerous reports that mentioned religion as a deterrent against SHE, Islam is not against sex education but considers it as a religious requirement. Int Perspect Sex Reprod Health. Values in sex education- From principles to practice. A female clergy believed that SHE must be limited to the family environment because the mind of adolescents who have no sexual knowledge and experience became compromised by replying to the questions presented by adolescents who have already got sexual knowledge and experience, she noted: Perspectives of south African life orientation teachers. Perceptions of communication and education about sexuality among Muslim immigrant girls in the US. So this is a very important strategy to convince parents and key adults about the necessity of SHE according to religion and lack of irrational modesty in Islam. Soozandeh, 47, who lives in Germany, said the myriad religious restrictions in his homeland force people to cheat and be dishonest with themselves, rotting them from within. All participants became informed about the aim of the study and signed an informed consent form to participate in the study. This qualitative study addressed socio-cultural challenges to sexual health education for female adolescents in Iran. Masters of Art Dissertation. Peer debriefing as a process to enhance the credibility of qualitative analysis was also carried out. According to the Halstead and Reiss 13 , SHE like any other educational course, inevitably, is a valuable activity. Purposeful sampling with maximum variation was adopted. Therefore policy makers and health program planners should be convinced that observance of sexual norms is almost a part of SHE program; thus the public resistance against it will be reduced. Observing the modesty is a principle in Islamic teachings, especially in the teachings of sexual norms, so that the Prophet of Islam considered it as the main character of religion.

Sex dar iran

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  1. Traditionally, friendship with opposite sex outside marriage even without sexual contact is not acceptable publicly in Iran.

  2. Lack of advocacy and legal support Due to the aforementioned challenges in the context of Iranian society, getting approval from social organizations and institutions is difficult and for promoting the program, the majority of energy and time must be used in convincing them to the priority of the sexual issue education. A female clergy believed that SHE must be limited to the family environment because the mind of adolescents who have no sexual knowledge and experience became compromised by replying to the questions presented by adolescents who have already got sexual knowledge and experience, she noted:

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