Whats a condom and a coffin got in common? I jackhammered her and slapped her on the ass as I pummeled her. What did Boy George say to Micheal Jackson? I'm the one going to be eaten. What do you say when balls are slapping against your chin? What does it mean when a man is in your bed gasping for breath and calling your name?


Melt them, turn them into tire and call it a goodyear. What's the difference between light and hard? What did the corn chip say to the battery? What did the hurricane say to the coconut palm tree? Bubblegum you dirty minded pervert! What do you call it when a guy cums in his hands, then claps? Why did the pornstar have to retire? Roll her around in flour and find the wet spot! Sex is like the army, the closer you are to discharge, the better you feel. It got marmalaid Q: Why is fresh air a lot like sex? You didn't hold the pillow down long enough. How do you make your girlfriend cry while having sex? The babies suck fingers. Why are you laughing? Who Enjoys Sex More A man and a woman were having drinks at a business conference when they got into an argument about who enjoyed sex more. I'm praying for guidence.. You get what you give. Why is sex like a game of bridge? What does a good bar and a good woman have in common? What's the smallest hotel in the world? A pervert walks over to this sorority girl, he said "Bend over and spell run. A clit around the ear and a flap across the face! What are you doiung? Excitedly, she runs to tell her husband what happened, and in minutes they both return.


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Hot Fuzz (2007) - Doris' Sexual Jokes

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