The film was shot in the Malinau watershed in East Kalimantan Province (on Borneo), Indonesia. The people are called Punan, alternatively Mirau, and speak Merap.

The film has three parts: “Living with the forest,” “A changing environment,” and “The way ahead.” The film features interviews with several people that talk about the changes caused about by the recent influx of large logging companies.

The older people mostly decry the fact of the fast decreasing forests, and they talk about how very different – and much better – life was before logging began. Others, including some young people, discuss the possibilities for learning from this negative experience, assert their rights, and take control of the situation.

Staff from Center for International Forestry Reserch (CIFOR) who work with the local people talks about the challenges and their advise in terms of what to do.

The film was co-directed by Miriam van Heist (member of the CBNRM group), and she made the film available for publication here. The film was produced by CIFOR and Jungle Run Productions in 2005. Length: 28 minutes.

An accompanying film, part 2 of the series “Our forests”, is also available.