The sex chronicles

I can feel myself climax again, and I let out a low scream. You pull the shoulder straps of my dress down and begin to suck on my left nipple and palm my right breast in your hand, rubbing your thumb across my nipple. You begin to suck on my clit from behind, my ass all in your face. I cannot ever remember feeling more desire than at this moment. You watch as my nipple shivers in the air.

The sex chronicles

Then you bite gently into my tender fruit, pulling a little more with each increasing bite. My pussy is so wet! I think women from any cultural background could find something to enjoy in this book. We kiss again as your left hand reaches down between my thighs and begins to finger my pussy, pushing my panties to the side. Sometimes the little pet names the lovers bestowed upon one another were the same story after story, which occasionally made it difficult to keep the stories distinct, the characters separate, in my mind. You suck for moments that seem to last an eternity. I sit up on the edge of the bed where you are standing, anxiously undo your belt buckle, and unzip your pants. You kiss me, and our tongues intertwine as we begin to kiss deep and passionately. You pull the rest of my dress off to reveal all of my smooth, flawless body. You look me in my eyes and tell me you are going to collect the raindrops in the bottle and save them as a remembrance of the night we first made love. Orgasm on top of orgasm. You can see my hard nipples protruding from the top of my revealing dress. Our room also has a huge, king-size bed on a riser with two steps leading up to it. I can feel drops of my own juice running down the center of my thighs as the rain continues outside and the cool breeze invades our private haven through the open patio doors. The intensity grows as you begin to feed me your dick, gliding more and more of it into my mouth each time you direct it in and out. I run my fingers across your cheeks and then take your hand and begin to suck your fingers, putting each one entirely into my mouth and sucking it gently. Of course, I started the book on my own, but then noticed he was listening in here and there. Most of these stories were fairly short, so they were perfect for folding laundry together with my man. After a few more moments of concentrating solely on my pussy, I can feel you lapping up all the juices that have trickled down my thighs earlier, as if to make sure you let not one drop of my sweetness go to waste. We are lost in time as you stand there feeding me your dick for moments on end. I take the tip of my tongue and lick the head of your dick straight down the middle, immediately tasting your delicious precum. The series calls for a sexual revolution and brings forth our favorite characters -- Patience James aka Zane, Maricruz, Lyric, Eboni, and Ana Marie -- as a force to be reckoned with as they balance common day-to-day issues, a slew of hot sex, and the fine men in the big city. This is also my first exposure to Zane and her works, though I doubt it will be my last. You grab my ass cheeks firmly and bite each one of them softly. Zane's Sex Chronicles weaves together a compilation of bold characters and provocative stories of passion and intoxicating eroticism to seduce both men and women.

The sex chronicles

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