Tom cat sex

So the answer to your question is that your observation is, as a rule of thumb, spot on as far as tortoiseshell's are concerned, although female gingers are fairly common. We found three ginger kittens at the humane alternative. Her name is Ruby. Therefore tortoiseshell female cats outnumber males by at least to 1, although I suspect actual figures are much higher. Andy, Mossley, UK My two rescue cats are my little ginger female and a male tortoiseshell! As females have two Xs they can express two colours in the coat, and if black is inherited from one parent and ginger red from the other, the result is a calico cat. I had never thought to check the sex of it as I just assumed it was female.

Tom cat sex

Cassie Sales, Hassocks, England, UK Have just acquired two ginger female kittens, they are absolutely beautiful and have completely changed my previous misconception that all ginger cats are males! Two entirely ginger kittens were male. Or he might be the result of a fusion of two embryos in an early stage in the womb. I just took the breeders word for it that it was a boy, and the vet obviously didn't look closely enough on previous visits. Ginger cats can be male or female. Male torties are very rare but they do occur both in virile and sterile form. There are three known causes of male torties to date: He gets mercilessly bullied by the neighbour's tom cat - a case of cat-prejudice? Males are XY, the Y making them male. Sometimes the ginger X will be left on producing a bit of orange fur and in some cells the ginger X will be turned off and the genes for black, brown or other colour fur will be produced. Beckie Cowling, Thatcham, Berkshire My siamese mix cat had a litter of five kittens. When she took Rosie and "Daisy" for neutering though, the vet had a shock for her as Daisy turned out to be male! We now think we have got ourselves a very special little cat! I have also never personally known of any male to tortoiseshell. The dad is my parents long haired all ginger boy. I had no idea he was unusual until my daughter's school friends told her that a tortoiseshell cannot be a boy. All cats have 19 pairs of chromosomes, and like humans, cats have one pair of sex chromosomes. Jim Ellis, Oxford, England When I was a student our house was adopted by a beautiful female ginger cat. The calico's brother, having only one X chromosome, would be either ginger or black, depending on the colour of the mother. Hayley B, Edmonton Canada We were given a short haired domestic A tabby pattern of stripes can also be inherited separately, resulting in a cat known as a "torby" Tabby-tortoiseshell. To show both orange and another colour such as black or brown a cat has to have two different X chromosomes per cell. She is a very particular lady and generally will only come to me late evenings when my boy has gone to bed, though whenever he is poorly she will not leave his side and can be found in his room until he is better! In her last litter she had two ginger and whites, one boy, one girl, and in her first litter two ginger and white boys. She was pretty clever, I was grossed out as I was only five and witnessed the birth!

Tom cat sex

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